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Golf Academy


AIS-P Golf Solutions

We offer golf players different alternatives to improve their game. Advice on specific material, both new and the possibility of modifying your own (clubmaker). Advice on physical preparation, coaching and physiotherapy service specific to golf. Ignacio Sánchez Palencia Physiotherapist, sports technician and professional golf player.

Rafael Chica Gámez

Golf teacher, living the evolution of golf in the last 30 years working with the best schools and teachers in the world of golf. Our teaching methods are adapted to the needs of each player and adjust to any level of play.

Whether you are a beginner and need the basics to have fun playing quickly, as if you are an advanced player and want to improve your game, we will teach you to improve your strokes, spin shots and tactics used in competitive golf. We will develop with you the best game plan that s/rafael-chica-gomeze adapts to your character and your strokes.

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