Hole 13

Par 5 – Hcp 7

Par five with dog leg to the left. The metal fence will not disappear, at least it will be present at the tee, so be careful with the slice. Two bunkers delimit the fairway on the right side and an area of olive trees on the left side. The dilemma appears on the second shot when we will not know which club to take so that the ball can avoid the bunker on the right side of the fairway, the out of bounds on the left and not reach the front water hazard located at the entrance to the green. In the event that on the second shot you should escape, do not hesitate to hit as much slice as possible so that it stays in the other fairway and not in the lateral water hazard that lurks on the side. On the shot to the green you will find a bunker on the right and another on the left a little too far, better short and on the left? No! Risk of encountering the two-meter snake that, according to legend, lives in the lateral water hazard and apparently feeds on new balls.