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Par four with dog leg left and uphill and as comfortable as we were! Our friend the metal fence greets us all along the right side of this hole without respite, from tee to green. The option is not a slice, but with the draw we find the bunkers that this hole shares with the previous one. What now? My advice is that before hitting, take a last look at the pocket booklet that comes with the golf magazine or ask for divine help. Once on the fairway the second shot is no less easy as it is the only blind green on the course. Short of the green and to the left there is a bunker that according to the statistics takes 2 strokes of each player who visits it, to the right there is another but at height and, you do not see it but on the green there is a piano from side to side that makes the shot and putts even more difficult, I say the, because I do not think you will only make one. If your option is to play to the left of the green and long, do not close it too much because a devilish slope and mowed on purpose will lead you to play a fourth shot with luxury spectators, half-meter marquees.