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Par four with dog leg left, downhill and without brakes. As you can see our friend the metal fence does not want to miss the great show of bogeis so it will bother you from the beginning to the end. To the left a couple of bunkers whose best resource in case of falling is to take a short stick and take it out to the fairway. Just past the bunker there is a lateral water hazard that will serve as our first contact with our friends, the ducks. It is not all bad news, in case of hitting a good driver a slope can make us believe we are more hitters than usual and bring the ball closer to the green. The green will be protected, on the left by an army of ducks, closer to it, by a bunker that usually turns a blind eye as it is shallow and on the right by another bunker which is advised to enter with a hard hat because of the risk of a ball coming from the driving range, impacting in a fortuitous way? What we were missing…